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lobster / омар, рак, неуклюжий человек
имя существительное
cancer, carcinoma, lobster, crayfish, crawfish
неуклюжий человек
galoot, lout, oaf, goon, lobster
имя существительное
a large marine crustacean with a cylindrical body, stalked eyes, and the first of its five pairs of limbs modified as pincers.
It takes about eight seconds for a pair of lobsters to copulate; it takes a lot longer to get them into the mood.
catch lobsters.
He said, ‘Just keep lobstering till it runs out, I guess.’
Sugar, citrus fruits, and lobster and other seafood then became major exports.
He pointed to some on the counter top that were looking all… well… lobster coloured you might say.
Alistair started off with west coast lobster bisque with white wine, saffron and cognac, while I went for the finnan haddock and lobster risotto with smoked salmon cream and poached egg.
To treat the palate to an unforgettable experience, serve the caviar-topped tartlets with a swirl of reduced lobster bisque.
It's made of flat rice noodles and a creamy coconut broth, shot through with bits of lobster and galangal flowers.
A place to enjoy big steaks and seafood in a clubby atmosphere; more delicate eaters can order the chunky lobster bisque and plenty of veggies à la carte.
There are a lot of you who think Mark ought to get tanning and take a quintessential British lobster colour to the party.
A special of sherried lobster bisque demands to be ordered; its rich brick color and oceanic, lobster-shell tang give it a gutsy character.
To serve place a mound of jicama salad in the center of a soup plate, arrange two shrimp and a quenelle of salmon roe on top, and spoon some lobster saffron broth around dish.
Mineral rich seafood, oysters, lobster , and fish are considered aphrodisiacs.