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lob / свеча, нескладеха, высоко подброшенный мяч
имя существительное
candle, suppository, lob, skied ball
lob, oaf
высоко подброшенный мяч
имя прилагательное
gangling, ungainly, gawky, gangly, unwieldy, lob
clumsy, awkward, bumbling, hulking, lumbering, lob
идти тяжело
lob, lob along, lump along
высоко подбросить мяч
бежать неуклюже
lob, lob along
имя существительное
(chiefly in tennis) a ball hit in a high arc over an opponent.
Within seven minutes of the start Dalglish scored with a lob , striking the ball from the edge of the box without even looking up.
throw or hit (a ball or missile) in a high arc.
he lobbed the ball over their heads
All that was left then was a deft lob over the advancing goalkeeper and the City goal machine had struck yet again.
he managed to lob the keeper
John was a great asset to us, just lob the ball into him there at full-forward, and he'd do the rest.
That would force the guys to really play shots and not just mindlessly lob the ball up in the air all the time.
His desperate opponent returns a weak shot or a lob , either of which he puts away with careless bravado.
Two minutes later David Cooke scored the best goal of the game with a delightful lob from the edge of the area that left Danny Hurst helpless.
After a second kick, Isaac Kungoane forced a save from goalkeeper Simon Gopane with an attempted lob .
He chipped over the target while attempting to lob the keeper, and shot wide from two yards and over from three yards.
I was a striker and the team just used to lob the ball over the top for me to chase.
Al's return shot was a weak lob at the net, a shot that could be put away with a big overhead smash, the way a Gonzales might finish off an opponent.