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loathe / ненавидеть, чувствовать отвращение, не любить
hate, detest, loathe, abhor, abominate, execrate
чувствовать отвращение
loathe, be disgusted, recoil, sicken, nauseate, revolt
не любить
dislike, loathe, object, bar, abominate, disrelish
feel intense dislike or disgust for.
she loathed him on sight
It wasn't too long ago that it was more of a case of loathe him or hate him and I certainly was no different.
I drove all the way because I loathe the tube with ever more intense venom.
We spent too much money on people that hate us and loathe us and want us out of their country.
I loathe that programme
I loathe listening to him
She loathes Hollywood, finds it distasteful and banal, hates the idea of her art being tainted by commerce.
Queen Mary, who loathes sentiment, is obsessed with pruning and especially hates ivy.
She loathes negative space, filling every millimeter of every panel with shading or detail.
It's so light and tasty, I've even convinced avid spinach loathers .
She despises the old order, but equally fears and loathes the new lack of order.