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loath / нежелающий, несклонный, неохотный
имя прилагательное
loath, loth, undesirous
unwilling, loth, unapt, loath
reluctant, averse, loath, loth
имя прилагательное
reluctant; unwilling.
I was loath to leave
He is more likely to be on the north-west frontier of Pakistan, a heavily populated area that the west will be loath to attack.
He was loath to be tough on debtors and my mother had to work hard in the shop to compensate for his kind-heartedness.
The American players also seem loath to get into the whole thing, although all are aware of what went between Monty and that bunker.
But the Northern lad admits it was a job he was initially loath to take.
Farmers are loath to invest in improving productivity when they have no title to the land they till.
Too often courts and child welfare professionals are loath to make a judgment as to whether a parent can truly care for a child.
I have read a lot of really good posts recently about current affairs and such, so I'm a bit loath to broach similar subjects.
Personally, I'm hugely pessimistic about this, but I'm loath to spoil the mood.
It made victims reluctant to prosecute, and juries loath to convict.
It's not easy to find regular help where I live and I am loath to let my garden go, but can you suggest what I might do to cut down on the mowing?