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loam / суглинок, глина для кирпичей, формовочная глина
имя существительное
loam, clay loam, plastic clay, clayey soil
глина для кирпичей
формовочная глина
имя существительное
a fertile soil of clay and sand containing humus.
A soil mixture composed of about 2 parts fertile loam , 1 part leaf mold or peat, and 1 part sand or perlite is recommended for growing African violets.
This tough plant will grow in exposed or sheltered aspects and in acid, alkaline or neutral soil of chalk, clay, sand or loam as long as it doesn't get waterlogged.
But for farmers intending to grow soyabeans, it advisable to grow the crop on clay loam and sandy loam , which are the best soils for the plant.
Liddell silt loam is classified as a coarse-silty, siliceous, subactive, acid, thermic typic endoaquept.
Good soil structure is one that is equally balanced between sand, clay and loam .
Fortunately, too, within forty miles we have a wide variety of soils and landscapes - sands, pines, loam , oaks, prairie.
As good a soil as any is one composed of garden loam , sand, and well-rotted (never new) cow manure in equal parts.
Lodes of ore and inches of fertile loam have little bearing on a nation's prosperity and influence anymore.
They prefer well-drained soil - either fine sandy clay or heavy loam that is slightly acid to neutral - but will grow in almost any soil so long as it's not too wet or acidic.
The preferred soil is coarse to fine, preferably hard, compact clay or silty clay loam .
The walls of loam and natural stones are in the Tibetan building tradition, while the woodwork of the columns, facades and walls is Kashmiri.