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loafer / бездельник, лодырь, бродяга
имя существительное
lounger, idler, slacker, layabout, bum, loafer
loafer, quitter, idler, slacker, bum, bummer
tramp, stroller, vagabond, vagrant, hobo, loafer
имя существительное
a person who idles time away.
The sophisticated loafer always finds an excuse to avoid work.
a leather shoe shaped like a moccasin, with a low flat heel.
There are casual shoes that can pass for dress shoes, with the rubber sole and wedge heel, in both lace shoes and loafers .
This mode of dress should include a brown loafer or other shoe (no wing tips) worn with executive socks.
The sophisticated loafer always finds an excuse to avoid work.
There are tons of variations on the high heeled loafer or ankle boot that have superb slightly thicker heels.
Do I need to buy those patent leather loafers or a pair of velvet bedroom slippers?
Well, I sure hope you didn't get your loafers dirty, and that your precious nose has recovered from the smell of animal poo.
Those loafers went on to tame the wild buffalo that made the Rocky Mountains.
From wearing trendy running shoes and funky loafers , to achieving the no-sock look, all your fashion needs are right here.
Among these were a couple of cyclists, a jobbing gardener I employed sometimes, a girl carrying a baby, Gregg the butcher and his little boy, and two or three loafers and golf caddies who were accustomed to hang about the railway station.
Fashionistas, loafers and creative-looking sorts cram the graffiti-garnished cafes on Kastanienallee, their confidence in their own hipness rising like steam from a miso soup.
I follow his footsteps, thrusting my codpiece towards maidens and wenches alike, my tasselled loafers pounding the aged cobblestones, my tights itching my thighs.