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loaded / нагруженный, заряженный, перегруженный
имя прилагательное
loaded, laden, charged, heavy, fraught
charged, loaded
overloaded, overburdened, loaded, overladen, overcharged, overweighted
имя прилагательное
carrying or bearing a load, especially a large one.
a heavily loaded freight train
weighted or biased toward a particular outcome.
a trick like the one with the loaded dice
put a load or large amount of something on or in (a vehicle, ship, container, etc.).
they load up their dugout canoes
make (someone or something) carry or hold a large or excessive amount of heavy things.
Elaine was loaded down with bags full of shopping
charge (a firearm) with ammunition.
In court, it was said he loaded the Derringer ‘out of curiosity’ and intended to use it on a shooting range, but never got round to it.
add an extra charge to (an insurance premium) in the case of a poorer risk.
If capital markets were efficient, the default risk premium would be loaded exclusively on to the debt of the over-borrower; there would be no free riding.
A nurturer by nature, Olivia parked him in the most comfortable chair in the parlour and disappeared to the kitchen, reappearing several minutes later with a loaded tea tray in her hands.
The robbers responsible for the York Art Gallery raid last year were armed with a loaded shotgun and a loaded handgun.
I do think that his intention (‘agenda’ is such a loaded word) is distinguishable from the straightforward racists.
The last-named option should appeal to those who are opposed to playing politics with loaded dice.
I haven't read the work in question, but this seems like a respectful way to talk about an emotionally loaded word, and how it got that way.
Ore was brought down, and both the men and the easily loaded freight traveled up in buckets suspended from their wire rope cables.
I must have been daydreaming about it when I accidentally dropped a loaded tray crowded with entrées of pork tenderloin and pasta Alfredo.
I pose a loaded question: Is he disillusioned that the industry has become more about pitches and trailers than the film itself?
Showing that she could flounce significantly faster than she could take dictation, the waitress appeared with a loaded tray.
Its clamshell design means an officer can lock up a loaded firearm.