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load / нагрузка, груз, бремя
имя существительное
load, burden, loading, strain, capacity, weight
cargo, goods, load, freight, loading, weight
burden, drag, weight, onus, load, charge
load, freight, bunker, embark, lade
load, burden, weight, pile, charge, heap
load, load up, cram, eat plenty of
имя существительное
a heavy or bulky thing that is being carried or is about to be carried.
in addition to their own food, they must carry a load of up to eighty pounds
a weight or source of pressure borne by someone or something.
the increased load on the heart caused by a raised arterial pressure
a lot of (often used to express one's disapproval or dislike of something).
she was talking a load of garbage
the amount of power supplied by a source; the resistance of moving parts to be overcome by a motor.
We employ a special platform to test loads on power supplies.
put a load or large amount of something on or in (a vehicle, ship, container, etc.).
they load up their dugout canoes
make (someone or something) carry or hold a large or excessive amount of heavy things.
Elaine was loaded down with bags full of shopping
charge (a firearm) with ammunition.
In court, it was said he loaded the Derringer ‘out of curiosity’ and intended to use it on a shooting range, but never got round to it.
add an extra charge to (an insurance premium) in the case of a poorer risk.
If capital markets were efficient, the default risk premium would be loaded exclusively on to the debt of the over-borrower; there would be no free riding.
He sells records by the lorry load - and commuters in the capital are falling over buskers on every street corner.
Traders can load vehicles at this time, they are ready to do it.
Can life insurers load their premium if their policyholders work or live in trophy buildings and constructions that are potential terrorist targets?
Some of the sediment load was trapped within the meanders, forming extended point-bars.
Releasing toxins via the skin through perspiration reduces the load on both the kidneys and liver.
They have to bear the load when the forehead lies at the ground, hence the neck muscles become stronger.
Try to avoid exercises that increase the strength of short, strong muscles and those that put an undue load on already stretched muscles, Drake says.
In the absence of any fresh recruitment in the banks and a substantial increase in the volume of business, the work load on the employees and the officers had also increased.
Hope your homework load has gotten lighter… and hope you do get to sleep!
If you must use an extension cord, use a cord that's rated for the electrical load and no longer really needed.