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llama / лама, гуанако
имя существительное
lama, llama
guanaco, llama, lama
имя существительное
a domesticated pack animal of the camel family found in the Andes, valued for its soft woolly fleece.
Since then, alpacas and llamas have been extensively hybridized.
‘A male guard llama can cost about £500 to £600 but live for around 15 years,’ she said.
Apparently there is another llama on the way (that will be their 3rd breeding) so once that arrives that will make them a herd or perhaps a flock.
The youngster, which is the first baby llama to be born on the farm, has settled in well, and is proving a very popular attraction with visitors.
The listless llamas, who live with a five-year-old male llama , Murphy, and some sheep, have not left their Helmsley field for 12 months.
Since then, alpacas and llamas have been extensively hybridized.
Reindeer, llamas and Petra, the zoo's only camel, were the star attractions, but sadly the plan was abandoned because it was deemed impractical.
Besides llamas , Irineo and Marta maintain some 60 small sheep, a kitten and two black shepherd dogs.
When I catch up, the llamas are grazing above a deep valley whose every foot of silt has been terraced for farming.
We talk constantly about her llamas and their fleece, about our patterns, about luscious yarns!
Alpacas and llamas abound, as do viscachas (large rabbits) and water birds such as ducks, flamingos and weighty gulls.