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lizard / ящерица
имя существительное
lizard, lacertian
имя существительное
a reptile that typically has a long body and tail, four legs, movable eyelids, and a rough, scaly, or spiny skin.
In the end, they supplied the moviemakers with three monitor lizards and six bearded dragon lizards .
имя существительное
a promontory in southwestern England, in Cornwall. Its southern tip, Lizard Point, is the southernmost point of the British mainland.
This is similar in ways to the chameleon, a lizard which can alter the colour of its skin.
They all fall to the ground and lie quivering like the tail of a hunted lizard .
If the lizard could not be caught, we continued to track the animal until it was recaptured.
This one is decorated with a lizard , whose body is in relief - the legs are roughly incised.
Unlike certain lizards , cats' tails don't grow back, so the consequence of that action should be around for at least a decade.
It's an evolutionary trick to distract the pursuer, much as lizards lose their tails.
Individuals within pairs of lizards were never from the same litter as pair-mates.
The reptiles were kept in enclosures covered by nets to stop birds from munching the lizards .
Judging by the thickness of their tails, some of the lizards find the arroyo banks fertile ground.
Upon emergence from hibernation the lizards were caught by hand or by noosing.