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living / жизнь, образ жизни, приход
имя существительное
life, living, existence, being, time, breath
образ жизни
way of life, life, living, mode of life, way of living, way
coming, parish, arrival, advent, receipt, living
имя прилагательное
residential, living
live, living, alive, lively, animate, vivid
living, indwelling, in being, above-ground
имя прилагательное
living creatures
имя существительное
an income sufficient to live on or the means of earning it.
she was struggling to make a living as a dancer
the pursuit of a lifestyle of the specified type.
the benefits of country living
remain alive.
the doctors said she had only six months to live
make one's home in a particular place or with a particular person.
I've lived in New England all my life
A good deck transports you to another world, or at the very least extends your living space outdoors.
English is a living language and as long as it is good communication, then why not use it.
This is real freedom, the freedom for a person - or a nation - to make a living .
The aim of the scheme is to improve the city environment and make better use of living space.
We then calculated degree of cognitive impairment, function in activities of daily living , and behavioural disturbances.
For all the excitement of modern life on your doorstep, city centre living cannot be beaten.
Mrs Braham said the living languages evenings are a great way to encourage pupils to learn a new language.
She is the newest addition to the long list of star ambassadors preaching the benefits of healthy living .
All living languages borrow from other languages, both living and dead, and always have done.
Before the family group stayed together and tried to make a living .