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livid / очень сердитый, очень злой, бедный
имя прилагательное
очень сердитый
очень злой
poor, lean, penniless, meager, humble, livid
имя прилагательное
furiously angry.
he was livid at being left out
dark bluish gray in color.
livid bruises
The colours come straight from the furnace: ochre, livid purple and charcoal, culminating in the fierce heat of dusk when the dying sun sets fire to the ridgetops.
Among them, nevertheless, are children still in wheelchairs, adults with crutches, a solicitous woman whose face and arms are speckled still with the dark, livid marks left by flying glass.
Alex was livid , visibly shaking with anger and terror.
It was a livid blue colour although sometimes it melded through a shocking purple into a bright red.
The recoil brought the barrel upwards and it smacked into her face, leaving a livid bruise.
He was absolutely livid , fuming at the station staff who couldn't advise him when his next train would be.
There's been a colour-shift giving them a rather livid hue as if they had all been bruised in a fight for survival.
My buddy told me that Abe was livid with anger, but he hid it, and continued to talk to Barney as though nothing untoward had been said!
Her skin was still pale with the exception of the livid bruises that dotted her body.
She stroked her long brown hair, making sure it covered the livid bruise on her cheek.