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livestock / скот, домашний скот, поголовье скота
имя существительное
livestock, beasts, stock
домашний скот
поголовье скота
livestock, stock, livestock capita
имя существительное
farm animals regarded as an asset.
markets for the trading of livestock
Fireworks must not be set off near livestock or horses in fields or close to barns and stables.
Foxes cause great damage to livestock and farms in general, and as such they are considered to be a pest.
Farmers tell him that livestock graze the sward very tightly so there is no wastage.
People would bring cattle and other livestock from all around the area to be shipped out.
markets for the trading of livestock
Therefore it could not be used for keeping livestock and for farming in general.
The hunters complain that foxes are vermin and un-hunted pose a serious threat to farm livestock .
The poor are poor because they have no assets like land, livestock or a fish pond.
Vaccinations will only take place following a veterinary inspection of livestock .
Tissue samples from it and blood samples from other livestock on the farm are now being tested for the disease.