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livery / ливрея, наряд, прокат
имя существительное
attire, garb, finery, detail, livery, police
hire, rent, livery
имя прилагательное
страдающий болезнью печени
liverish, livery
biliary, bilious, jaundiced, acrimonious, choleric, livery
имя прилагательное
resembling liver in color or consistency.
he was short with livery lips
имя существительное
special uniform worn by a servant or official.
Several servants and guards dressed in Iven liveries quickly rushed out to the carriages and directed them to the house that her parents had employed.
(in the UK) the members of a livery company collectively.
a provision of food or clothing for servants.
Then Gran fusses him and Sixth licks keenly at her livery hand, hoping to find more.
I returned her parting wave just as a servant in messenger livery sprinted up to her, throwing a salute as he passed a scroll over.
The type of aircraft and the livery applied allow identification of the time frame.
The machine was unveiled in unbranded blue livery - the official launch will be in Zurich on 9 February.
The squiggly lines on the livery that depict water and mountains seem so out of place in northern Virginia.
In Frankfurt the plane will have its livery changed to the colours of the new owner.
pageboys in scarlet and green livery
They asked me to explain why the Royal Mail is hiring trailers for mail trucks - often without our livery - when we already have hundreds of vehicles in other depots?
In recent months spray painters have been on the job covering the white livery of the ships with ‘warship grey.’
The airline's Irish roots will continue to be reflected in the company's logo that features a blue, yellow and green Celtic design and is incorporated in the aircraft livery and staff uniforms.