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liver / печень, печенка, житель
имя существительное
inhabitant, dweller, occupant, habitant, denizen, liver
имя существительное
a large lobed glandular organ in the abdomen of vertebrates, involved in many metabolic processes.
In the United States, there's a great shortage of donor organs: hearts, livers , lungs, kidneys, pancreases and small intestines.
a person who lives in a specified way.
a clean liver
She suffered a bullet wound in the leg, and two in the abdomen, injuring her liver , intestines and pancreas.
After sacrificing the animals, the liver and kidney were removed and cut into slices respectively.
We kicked off with an expertly dressed salad with a buttery taste, and shared some chicken liver pate served with fresh toast, tomatoes and pickled cucumbers.
Any tissue can be biopsied, including the liver , lung, brain and bone marrow.
cholesterol may accumulate in the liver
In this case, the liver , adrenal glands, lung, and spleen were affected.
Residues of PCP have been found in human testes, kidney, prostate, liver , and adipose tissue.
The ova penetrate the intestinal wall and pass through the portal vein to the liver , lung, and other tissues.
If you've got it, it's worth cutting down on red meat, liver and kidneys.
Calf's liver is served with good smoked bacon: ask for the dull red wine gravy to be served separately or, better, not at all.