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live-in / жить по месту работы, иметь квартиру по месту службы
жить по месту работы
live in
иметь квартиру по месту службы
live in
имя прилагательное
(of a domestic employee) resident in an employer's house.
a live-in housekeeper
имя существительное
a person who shares another's living accommodations as a sexual partner or as an employee.
More employers are offering benefits to domestic partners: 25 percent of those surveyed currently provide benefits to opposite sex live-ins , and 16 percent offer benefits to same-sex partners.
One thing led to another and the results appear to have been a live-in relationship and an abortion.
I have been here for almost a year and have had a live-in relationship with a young lady for most of that time.
She employs a live-in maid, but otherwise lives alone.
He had expressed a sexual interest but informed me that he was in the process of ending a live-in relationship.
It's a commitment only - Brenda, and her live-in lover, Gerry, decided after months of living together, to formalise their arrangement.
Most of our employees are live-in since we started the project against the corrupt officials.
We should know a little about her, because that might spark the story and direct the plot, so let's say she is an orphan who lives with her aunt, who treats her as a live-in servant.
The couple decide to try a live-in relationship, primarily platonic, though the boundaries soon dissipate.
All of that fell by the wayside when I started living with one girlfriend or another - it's tough to balance a live-in relationship with prancing around the apartment in a robe with a dagger.
Once my mother asked me if I would mind spending the weekend helping my memaw around her house as her live-in nurse had to take off for the weekend for personal reasons.