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liturgy / литургия, ритуал церковной службы
имя существительное
liturgy, mass
ритуал церковной службы
имя существительное
a form or formulary according to which public religious worship, especially Christian worship, is conducted.
John takes this opportunity to provide his reader with something equally important to Eucharistic liturgy .
(in ancient Athens) a public office or duty performed voluntarily by a rich Athenian.
Replacement funds were presumably provided by the Athenian élite through liturgies , impositions of property and ‘semi-voluntary’ subscriptions.
Driven by hysterical choirs and crashing percussion, the Latin liturgy is indeed rather scary.
at the conclusion of the liturgy the Bishop presented the certificates
The first children's liturgy will take place in the vigil mass of November 15.
The final chapter summarizes and integrates the previous chapters with a study of Genesis that examines themes and suggests a brief liturgy as a conclusion to the study.
Unlike the standard Catholic liturgy , no two services have been alike.
a tradition which found its expression in ritual and liturgy
I have tried in this essay to discern what makes for change and continuity in Christian liturgy today.
After all, is that not the intention of the liturgy of the word?
the Church of England liturgy
When sacramental participation had ceased to be the norm, people needed a reason for attending the liturgy .