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litterbug / мусорить
litter, litterbug
имя существительное
тот, кто мусорит на улице
имя существительное
a person who carelessly drops litter in a public place.
Of course, we can't just dump the blame for the fact we live in filth on tightwad councillors; some responsibility has to be shouldered by the litterbugs who think nothing of dropping their junk where they stand.
Therefore, litterbugs and those accustomed to spitting on the pavement no longer dare to give free rein to their impulses or else they'd better take along with them a waste-paper basket or a cuspidor whenever they opt for a stroll.
Street wardens in Manchester have begun slapping £50 fines on litterbugs .
How about establishing a special night court/tribunal to deal with litterbugs ?
This much can be said in favor of the cameras: In some cases, they have been used to convict speeders, other traffic law offenders, and litterbugs .
New £50 on-the-spot fines are to be issued to litterbugs and fly-tippers.
Apart from the obvious pollution to rivers with solid litter discarded by unconscious litterbugs , urban rivers are also affected by the way home owners regulate drainage on their properties.
It claimed that litterbugs faced with a £50 on the spot fine were avoiding paying because wardens did not have the same powers as police officers.
‘If there was proper investment in litter wardens to catch and punish the significant minority of litterbugs who throw their gum on the ground, perhaps there would be a saving in the long run,’ he said.
Pictures of litterbugs could also be published in the council's newspaper, which is distributed free every quarter to more than 200,000 homes.
While we hope that police will act if they can against litterbugs , it is the job of every parent and indeed every adult in responsibility to enforce the message in the young and the thoughtless.