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litigate / судиться, оспаривать, вести процесс
challenge, dispute, contest, contend, debate, litigate
вести процесс
go to law; be a party to a lawsuit.
It is not an abuse of process merely to require a litigant to litigate in a tribunal of a Convention country if that tribunal in fact has jurisdiction under the convention.
I could not litigate under the Trade Practices Act before this Court of law because I would be duplicating the proceeding.
I need legal representation to litigate this matter.
It would be mischievous to continue to litigate , pending arbitration, matters which depend so much on the facts which form the basis of the arbitration.
It would not be fair or reasonable to force the Plaintiffs to continue to litigate against their will merely on the basis that they commenced a class proceeding.
To begin with, prisoners are among the least lucrative of clients, and certainly the least sympathetic to juries, so that few lawyers are willing to litigate on their behalf.
Tenants have a statutory right to litigate and the Roberts were entitled to regard that right jealously.
It is expensive to litigate in defamation, even in the smaller cases, let alone monster cases like this.
Men plow fields, cut grain, litigate in court, and serve in the local militia.
The jurisdiction point having been abandoned by negotiations, the parties would have been free to litigate in whatever jurisdiction was willing to accept jurisdiction for the proceedings.
They do not need a power which deprives a litigant of his right to litigate .