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lithograph / литография, литографский оттиск
имя существительное
lithography, lithograph, lithoprint
литографский оттиск
lithograph, lithoprint
имя существительное
a lithographic print.
It boasts a collection of more than 50,000 antique images that include steel and wood engravings, lithographs , photographs and illustrations.
print by lithography.
a set of lithographed drawings
So a print is basically a lithograph , an etching, an engraving, a drawing on stone or metal that can then be printed.
The 62-year-old artist, famous for his lithograph and etching prints, contributed a series of ink drawings of Shanghai for the exhibition.
The name plates could be either lithographed or etched; etching cost 54 cents extra.
In addition to paintings, he produced a large number of prints - etchings, lithographs , and woodcuts.
The lithographed posters are entirely hand printed, one color and one sheet at a time, on an old German litho press using 320 grain Coventry Rag Vellum paper.
While I was down at Sorrento, and under the watchful eyes of this delightfully lithographed bird, I took a call from a mate in Melbourne who has been seeing a young lady on and off for a few months.
Dali prints were created in different techniques: mostly etchings, but also engravings, woodcuts, lithographs and mixed-media.
I think of all the disreputable low-cost manufacturers you might take this to and what they would say about this beautiful quarter walnut and multiple-layer laminate plywood: ‘Some lithographed laminate will look just as good.’
Hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of attendees weaved through aisles featuring mouldings, equipment, posters, serigraphs, lithographs , original art and more.
This Memorandum outlines and explains the methods by which the value for duty of printed or lithographed matter of paper is determined.