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literature / литература, словесность
имя существительное
literature, letters, letter
имя существительное
written works, especially those considered of superior or lasting artistic merit.
a great work of literature
The lack of economic resources also prevents the community from producing any printed literature that might bind its members together.
In fact, the basic science literature reports that even mild stretching can cause muscle damage at the cellular level.
Market research, competitive information, product literature , and a list of pertinent Web sites are good choices.
The receivers are understood to have been approached by a potential buyer for the company, which prints and binds literature for the direct mail market, but staff remain pessimistic.
In addition, winners will be able to display the True Taste Awards branding on their products and literature , providing an instant standard of recognition and quality for the consumer.
And contrary to some assertions, they have published peer-reviewed literature on the subject.
The campaign included a series of newspaper articles and the distribution of conspiracy-quality leaflets and literature .
New literature is also printed on recycled paper.
Since I had studied English literature at university, many of my friends wondered why I chose Belgium.
In contrast, there is relatively little published literature on effects of deer browsing on prairie plants.