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literate / грамотный, образованный
имя прилагательное
literate, clerkly
educated, cultured, literate, read, informed, well-educated
имя существительное
грамотный человек
literate, clerk
образованный человек
literate, clerk
имя прилагательное
(of a person) able to read and write.
Most of us are familiar with the concept of literacy as it applies to reading and writing and it is generally accepted that being literate means being able to decipher the written word and compose written work.
имя существительное
a literate person.
If these were wanton act of miscreants, one incident that took place inside the Government Medical College campus on Thursday has proved that even the literates are not bothered to ‘rescue’ a roadside tree from being consumed by flames.
In fact, they benefited greatly from the studies and were encouraged to become more biblically literate .
Today, many moviegoers have become psychologically literate , and Hollywood reflects this change.
When the person loses the capability to derive and create meaning in a culturally significant way, he or she becomes less, not more, literate .
It is true language changes over time but its development must be driven by the literate if cohesion is to be maintained.
The written form of Arabic is the same for all literate Arabs (those able to read and write), regardless of how different their spoken dialects are.
Indeed, in such a literate society the ability to read and write had become a major social fault line.
The means to accomplish this were literate sermons, adhering closely to the liturgy of the church; catechising the young; and administering the sacraments.
If society at large became more literate then the clergy could more readily be recruited from the laity; they did not have to remain what they had come close to being, a hereditary caste.
I want to make Maine the most digitally literate society on Earth.
At the beginning of the 18th century only ten per cent of the people were literate in Wales, but revival brought change.