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literally / буквально
literally, word for word, to the letter, textually, literatim
in a literal manner or sense; exactly.
the driver took it literally when asked to go straight across the traffic circle
Police in Bradford are helping to show the way to other forces by proving literally that crime does not pay.
tiramisu, literally translated ‘pull-me-up’
In Milan I literally had to work my socks off to get on to a train to Paris.
When he returned to York after the war he had a business plan which literally revolved around the motor car.
The art of edging is to literally tip your skis sideways allowing the edge to cut into the snow.
Dinner, which comes in menus of up to eight superb courses, literally frolics on your tongue.
Of course the house was still standing after Bruce's encore so it didn't literally come down.
This has brought us into contact with literally thousands who think as we do.
Several huge branches were quite literally held in place by lengths of rope.
I literally park there for five minutes while I walk my girls to the school gates and collect them.