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literal / литерал, опечатка
имя существительное
literal, lit
typo, misprint, literal, corrigendum, erratum, literal error
имя прилагательное
literal, verbal, textual, diplomatic
verbatim, literal
имя прилагательное
taking words in their usual or most basic sense without metaphor or allegory.
dreadful in its literal sense, full of dread
(of a translation) representing the exact words of the original text.
He decided to undertake not only the literal translation of the text itself, but also three types of interpretation.
(of a person or performance) lacking imagination; prosaic.
She was relatively literal-minded , although a bit dreamy.
of, in, or expressed by a letter or the letters of the alphabet.
literal mnemonics
имя существительное
a misprint of a letter.
Extensive mistakes may hardly count (as when the entire first edition was misprinted in italics), but literals can be crucial in a conflicted society which fetishes minor differences.
So finally, one blustery weekend last winter, he got down on literal and proverbial bended knee and offered up a very impressive diamond.
What is, on paper, a primarily interior experience, stumbles on film with a clunky visual style that remains merely literal instead of challengingly literary.
If it collapses, it may be in the literal sense rather than the economic.
All of that is ultimately in pursuit of not the literal representation of a sound, but its essence.
The lack of literal connection between visual and auditory sources is not confusing.
I am not suggesting that we find a literal representation of the last fifteen years in the crime series on television.
That world is a literal living Hell, so to survive, one must be tough!
This is not a word-to-word translation, for the Urdu language is such that a literal translation cannot do justice to the original.
This disease, known popularly as ‘rat fever’, which is the literal translation of its name in Malayalam, has been claiming many lives.
The term ‘flat,’ in its central, literal meaning, is an absolute term.