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liter / литр
имя существительное
liter, litre
имя прилагательное
liter, litre
имя существительное
a metric unit of capacity, formerly defined as the volume of 1 kilogram of water under standard conditions, now equal to 1,000 cubic centimeters (about 1.75 pints).
In an irrigated area, a litre of milk takes at least 500 litres of water to produce.
Recommendations run at about 1 liter per hour divided into 3-4 intakes.
He also inventoried his provisions: two burritos, one liter of water, and some candy bar crumbs.
He cut his tea back to one liter a day and did much better.
Two 8,000 - liter water tanks are installed for use by local residents.
When the roof is open, boot room is 208 litres, 63 litres more than the earlier model.
a litre bottle of wine
Paul drank almost six litres of water without counting swigs taken from bottles offered along the roadside.
A hydrant's minimum capacity must be 1,000 liters per minute.
The new pump should produce an additional 220,000 liters per hour.
About four kilograms of pounded sorghum and eight kilograms of brown sugar are added to one hundred liters of water.