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litany / литания
имя существительное
имя существительное
a series of petitions for use in church services or processions, usually recited by the clergy and responded to in a recurring formula by the people.
Many times in my life, I have heard Perpetua and Felicity mentioned in litanies of saints and prayers of the Church.
A friend who is simply willing to listen to someone's litany of woes may save a life.
And as the shadows deepen I light my candles and abjure the cold evening by gripping the picture and mouthing a litany of His name.
I don't want to hear your litany of complaints.
There is a whole litany of character traits like this in all of us.
The litany continues for well over three hundred pages, but there is little point in following it further.
Most kitchen designers hear this litany of complaints at least once a week.
Sorry, but I don't have any more time to address your litany of other complaints.
It would have been easy, however, for them to dump out a litany of complaints and call it a day.
So out went audible responses, the minister's surplice and the litany .
For twenty minutes my hostess listed the now familiar litany of complaints.