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listener / слушатель, радиослушатель
имя существительное
listener, hearer
listener, listener-in
имя существительное
a person who listens, especially someone who does so in an attentive manner.
It didn't take long for these guys to fill the room with attentive listeners , or run out of merch.
Strange misunderstandings step into the gap between the broadcaster's mouth and the listener 's ear.
He turned out to be a very attentive listener .
When they succeed they leave the listener wanting them to stretch out and expand the idea a bit more.
Make sure you have the listener 's attention before you start speaking.
Nevertheless, the attentive listener will recognize the feeling of satisfaction when the final tonic is reached.
Her vocal delivery is straightforward and unadorned, thereby drawing the listener 's ear to the content of the lyrics.
Rather, music appreciation is developed by educating the listener in three main areas.
The long format used to tell a story, taking the listener on an emotional journey.
The title track is a vastly underrated song with some catchy chord changes and choruses to keep the listener interested.
They engage creatively with the limitations of the audio channel to command the listener 's attention.