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list / список, перечень, ведомость
имя существительное
list, roster, schedule, register, roll, catalog
scroll, list, enumeration, schedule, nomenclature, panel
statement, sheet, list, register, roll
list, enumerate, itemize, recount, recite, catalog
составлять список
make a list, list
вносить в список
list, enter in a list, enroll, calendar, register, enrol
имя прилагательное
сделанный из каймы
сделанный из обрезков
list, twice-laid
сделанный из полос
имя существительное
a number of connected items or names written or printed consecutively, typically one below the other.
consult the list of drugs on page 326
barriers enclosing an area for a jousting tournament.
a selvage of a piece of fabric.
an instance of a ship leaning to one side.
The gallery walls are lined with marine ply, angled to give an echo of the list of a Ship under sail.
desire; inclination.
I have little list to write
make a list of.
I have listed four reasons below
enlist for military service.
(of a ship) lean to one side, typically because of a leak or unbalanced cargo.
In a second life-saving air-sea rescue, 16 Russian seamen were plucked from a 6000 ton cargo ship listing heavily in a force nine gale off the Devon coast yesterday.
want; like.
let them think what they list
An extensive reference list is provided at the end of each chapter.
let them think what they list
On the occurrence of the event, one or more processes on the list are woken up.
Due to the list , the bulkhead door of the engine-room would not close properly and the compartment was slowly but steadily flooding.
writing a shopping list
In each of them the voters will cast a ballot for the party they prefer and will list the four candidates they have chosen.
consult the list of drugs on page 326
I had compiled a short list in my head of who I needed to make amends with.
tourism is at the top of the list of potential job creators
Following is a list of just some of these heroes of the profession.