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lira / лира
имя существительное
lira, lyre, cither, cittern, cithern
имя существительное
the basic monetary unit of Italy (until replaced by the euro in 2002), notionally equal to 100 centesimos.
When the euro went into Italy, the lira suddenly became unpopular with young people.
the basic monetary unit of Turkey, equal to 100 kurus.
Since Turkey plunged into a deep economic crisis in February the lira has plummeted around 60 percent against the dollar.
The national monetary unit is the Turkish lira .
The dollar has taken a hit against almost every major world currency including the British pound, Canadian dollar and Japanese yen, as well as some minor ones like the Turkish lira , Thai baht, and Australian dollar.
Prices of drugs are those pertaining in Italy when available, converting the Italian lira at a rate of 1936.27 to the euro.
Perhaps Maroni wants to go back to the lira so that Italy can de-value it.
The bill from the hotel came to 1644 Turkish lira followed by six noughts.
When the euro went into Italy, the lira suddenly became unpopular with young people.
Italians, once among the most enthusiastic supporters of a united Europe, are becoming increasingly disillusioned, so much so that some are suggesting that Italy dump the euro and bring back the lira .
Italy's current economic miseries date approximately from the time when the euro replaced the lira .
When an Italian politician proposed that Italy should exit the euro area and return to the lira , specialists just laughed.
Currency risk within the euro zone is gone: no need to hedge the lira against the franc, for example.