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liquorice / лакрица, солодковый корень, лакричник
имя существительное
liquorice, licorice
солодковый корень
liquorice, licorice
licorice, liquorice, jequirity
Containing dandelion, burdock, sarsparilla, milk thistle, liquorice , yellow dock, turmeric and red clover, a bottle provides about 30 servings as you dilute it with either still or sparkling water.
A whoosh of freshly ground mocha coffee hits the nose and then, once the wine hits your mouth, it's joined by black fruits, liquorice , spice and a spray of refreshing acidity.
A mix of liquorice , black fruits and farmyards tempt the nose.
Although this combines powerful cherry notes, threaded with liquorice , backed by chewy tannins and topped with sparkling acidity, it is not yet ready to drink.
Nearly eight years after Victory in Europe, the limit on jelly babies, pastilles, liquorice , barley sugar sticks, lemonade powder and chocolate bars was finally lifted - and a nation of schoolchildren cheered.
The most effective scents for getting a genuine physical reaction were mixtures of lavender and pumpkin pie, doughnut and black liquorice , and pumpkin pie and doughnut.
Smooth and very drinkable, this delivers subtle notes of aniseed, liquorice , spice and lemon peel.
The drink is made using the root blended with ingredients like liquorice and ginger to create a cordial.
New herbs introduced to the already comprehensive range for this year include lemon basil, pineapple sage, aniseed basil, liquorice and comfrey.
Stepping into the chemists shop with its huge glass bottles of green and purple liquid, jars of liquorice root and its distinctive smell of carbolic soap took me straight back to my grandmother's house.