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liquor / ликер, раствор, щелок
имя существительное
liquor, liqueur, noyau
solution, liquor, solute, matrix, aqua
liquor, lye, leach, lixivium, buck
drink, liquor, liquor up, tipple, buzz, put away
смазывать жиром
grease, dub, liquor
имя существительное
alcoholic drink, especially distilled spirits.
But men are more likely to order alcohol in casual dining restaurants; both men and women drink liquor and wine.
a liquid produced or used in a process of some kind, in particular.
be or get drunk.
But this stuff kicks - put it in a club, liquor up the audience, lay the lights low and let the band tear into this thing and you'll blow out the doors.
They are more similar to dried beans than either crowder or black-eyed peas, and make a clear liquor when cooked.
Next, make sure all liquor , beer and wine is stored in a secured area.
Imagine you are making jam and have gotten to the point where you pour the steaming liquor of fruit, sugar, and pectin into the jars.
He poured some liquor into the glass and I drank everything down.
To him spirituous liquor is a superfluous and dangerous luxury.
She thought she could smell liquor on his breath, and crossed her arms.
The urge was there all right, to buy the cheapest illegal liquor and get drunk in the afternoon.
Poteen he explained is a very potent liquor distilled from potatoes.
Consider drinking beer instead of hard liquor or wine.
The coolers often contained rods or branches to increase the surface area on which the liquor could crystallise.