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liquidize / смешивать в миксере
смешивать в миксере
liquidize the soup until quite smooth
I introduced a little liquidised bread on the float line and started to fish with a small piece of punched bread on the size 16 hook.
Eventually his food was liquidised which looked horrendous.
She is still having to eat liquidised food, but we have been told by doctors she should make a good recovery.
‘When he first came home we had to liquidise all his food for weeks,’ he said.
The fruit should be liquidised and sieved to remove the seeds, sweetened with the sugar and sharpened with the citrus juices before the stiff whipped cream is folded in.
Place the pepper and vegetable stock in the liquidiser and process until liquidised .
But when the Provisional Government made plans in October to try to liquidise the threat posed by the growing revolutionary movement, the value of a centralised party that could respond rapidly and coordinate action proved itself.
Add the cream and continue to cook for a further 5 minutes, then remove from the heat, season with salt and pepper, and liquidise to a smooth purée.
A large-headed strainer with lugs and a short handle is available specifically for use with liquidizers and mixers.