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liquidate / ликвидировать, уничтожать, избавиться
eliminate, liquidate, wind up, dispose of, kill, close out
destroy, kill, consume, demolish, annihilate, liquidate
escape, dispose of, kick, offload, liquidate, kill off
wind up the affairs of (a company or firm) by ascertaining liabilities and apportioning assets.
Its retail business was ultimately liquidated in 2000.
eliminate, typically by violent means; kill.
And it was at this very moment I resolved to kill her - liquidate her once and for all so that she could never become a challenge to me.
In some cases employers have deliberately established shelf companies without assets, in order to avoid paying out entitlements when they liquidate their businesses.
Overwhelmingly, those businesses liquidate because of dynamic, control and business reasons.
The only way out from the deadlock situation is to liquidate the scandalous holding and start anew.
Launched in August, it employed 10 people but at a recent board meeting it was decided to liquidate the business because of failure to make enough money or find extra funding.
One wonders how the inoperative council is supposed to generate the much needed finances to liquidate the debts.
a plan to liquidate £1 billion worth of property over seven years
The trustee's job is to liquidate bankrupt companies to repay bondholders.
They then liquidate the business and, hopefully, share out the profits.
Many people are forced to reallocate household budgets away from spending on schooling and healthcare, to change their living arrangements, and to liquidate their assets in order to smooth consumption during a crisis.
During this period the German currency collapsed into hyperinflation, bankrupting entire sections of the middle class, but benefiting sections of industry which were able to liquidate their debts.