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lippy / наглый, нахальный, болтливый
имя прилагательное
impudent, brazen, insolent, shameless, brash, lippy
impudent, cheeky, sassy, brash, cocky, lippy
talkative, chatty, garrulous, gossipy, gassy, lippy
имя прилагательное
insolent; impertinent.
She's lippy and rude, and she's obsessed with breaking all my rules.
having prominent lips.
Let's take her words as proof that there's a creative itch hidden somewhere, anxious to pester her back into the lippy limelight in which she glowed in the first place.
Besides if people get lippy you can always mention that it is a ‘radical adaptation’.
They're getting really lippy these days, aren't they?
The lippy critic was given a ‘put up or shut up ultimatum’ by four fans who appeared on BBC 1's Football Focus earlier in the season.
If you fancy a duel of words with a lippy French barman while he mixes you something long and cool, then this is the place to unsheathe your rapier wit.
She's lippy and rude, and she's obsessed with breaking all my rules.
They have gone from being lippy underdogs to tubby overlords in less than a decade and are now part of the establishment to which they once posed a potent challenge.
As well, since I noticed in Grade 5 that almost every lippy woman in literature is eventually clotheslined by fate, I wasn't too surprised when the wife in this play was struck by terminal cancer.
Culkin grounds the movie in Igby, a lippy punk with a mean streak who you can't help but like because, well, he tells it like it is.
When Francesca's dad advises her that the only way to deal with a lippy classmate is to ‘give her a slap’, the obedient daughter obliges.