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lionize / носиться с кем-л.
носиться с кем-л.
give a lot of public attention and approval to (someone); treat as a celebrity.
modern athletes are lionized
The chilling thing is that he and those who lionize him seem to want his predictions to come true.
People will lionize you as the Voice of a Generation.
So we can dwell on his failings, or we can lionize him.
He is lionised in Europe but expects his latest film to open in 10 times as many cinemas in France than in Britain.
An adequate response to this mutual lionisation would require the skills of a Jonathan Swift or Mark Twain.
I just never understand why he was lionized by some as ‘an incredibly talented yarn-spinner.’
When his early results seemed to find positive effects for school integration, he was lionized by the profession.
He has magic feet but those who lament rather than lionise him say that he is a hostage to tragic attitude.
He was lionised in fashionable and clever society.
Yet he was also prepared to defend Rudyard Kipling, lioniser of colonial officers bent double beneath ‘The White Man's Burden’.