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lint / корпия, волокно
имя существительное
fiber, filament, thread, lint, grain, staple
имя существительное
short, fine fibers that separate from the surface of cloth or yarn, especially during processing.
But whereas they were once crisp, motes of dust and household lint had now settled leaving the surface grimy.
He covered the wound made with lint soaked in carbolic acid.
Normally, about 20 pounds of material is removed from every 500-pound bale of cotton during a process called lint cleaning.
We replaced it with a new one after cleaning the lint trap.
The products include copper rods, sugar, electrical cables, tobacco, fresh flowers, cotton lint , cotton yarn, fresh vegetables, gemstones and gasoil.
some fabrics leave tiny specks of lint on the glass
Brush cotton is a fabric that has been brushed to remove lint and other excess fibres to leave the cotton soft and smooth.
Don't do this unless you have a little metal mesh lint catcher for the drain.
he smeared ointment on a strip of lint
Clean the lint filter in the dryer after every load to improve air circulation.
A record 1,600 pounds of cotton lint per acre was measured on one plot in 2001.