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linseed / льняное семя
имя существительное
льняное семя
flax-seed, linseed
имя существительное
the seeds of the flax plant, which are the source of linseed oil and linseed cake.
Mild oily purgatives like castor oil or bulk laxatives such as linseed or psyllium seeds are recommended.
At High Mowthorpe, we were fortunate enough to finish harvest before the worst of the weather, although we do have a small acreage of winter linseed left to deal with.
It was an old-fashioned mill for grinding linseed , expressing the oil, and making oil-cake.
Farmers will stop growing sesame, linseed , mustard and groundnut in all their diversity since the markets for these crops will also be destroyed.
Spring linseed lags some way behind now that the subsidy it attracts has been reduced.
I even found myself asking the local farmer the other day if he could grow linseed in the field that backs onto my garden because the colour goes well with my pool house.
The house is surrounded by fields, a sea of blue linseed and yellow rape.
These can be found in seeds such as sunflower and linseed and some vegetable oils.
Northbound traffic had to be diverted for a number of hours while the truck and its load of linseed and rape-seed was cleared from the motorway.
Choose cereal based products such as breads which include soy, linseed and rye.
We are surrounded by forest and huge fields of linseed , rape and mustard.