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link / ссылка, связь, соединение
имя существительное
link, reference, exile, ref, citation, allusion
relations, bonds, binding, communication, connection, link
compound, connection, conjunction, joint, combination, link
bind, associate, connect, bound, link, tie
unite, connect, join, combine, put together, link
link, edit
имя существительное
a relationship between two things or situations, especially where one thing affects the other.
investigating a link between pollution and forest decline
a ring or loop in a chain.
Many of the men wear finely-wrought gold rings, like open links of chain, around their necks.
a torch of pitch and tow for lighting the way in dark streets.
make, form, or suggest a connection with or between.
rumors that linked his name with Judith
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The nurse is the communication link between the doctor and the patient, the patient and the family, and the family and the doctor.
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I link arms with my agent, my soul mate, my wife.
investigating a link between pollution and forest decline
In these circumstances, and without more, it seems to me that the necessary causal link is sufficiently established.
It meant being prepared to link arms with their political opponents in the centre and the right in opposition to terrorism.
He has been a beat officer for the past three years and is a vital link between the community and police.
A succession of tutors was his only tenuous link with the larger world.
I am a link in a chain, a bond of connection between persons.