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lingo / жаргон, иностранный язык, тарабарщина
имя существительное
jargon, slang, lingo, argot, cant, patter
иностранный язык
gibberish, lingo, jargon, jabber
имя существительное
a foreign language or local dialect.
they were unable to speak a word of the local lingo
He preferred not to trust someone ahead of himself, so he even learned the medical lingo .
In the technical lingo , connecting programs in this way is often called systems integration.
fat, known in medical lingo as adipose tissue
She can speak the lingo and read signs and menus.
computer lingo
Felicity of language is a strong point, and he switches with ease from English into the local lingo .
While we're on the subject of units, it's important to understand that construction measurement has a language and lingo all its own.
Learn the lingo with an evening class in a foreign language.
He should bounce back, as we say in the medical lingo , within a few days, I think.
I guess economists can be a bit specialized but I was once a High School economics teacher so I speak the lingo , as it were.