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lingerie / дамское белье
имя существительное
дамское белье
имя существительное
women's underwear and nightclothes.
Honestly, she writes well and knows her lingerie from strap to underwire and back again.
Online shopping for lingerie is becoming more and more popular and for a good reason.
So did all the lovely young women who advertised for the sexy lingerie .
Her field was glamour - pouting prettily in skimpy lingerie or swimwear.
I feel like I should either be wearing some fancy Victorian nightgown, or some slutty lingerie .
Suits, skirts and silky lingerie both conceal and highlight the dark side of those who wear them.
He also discovers that he likes to dress up in women's sexy lingerie while wearing makeup and a wig.
She makes to order, and has just taken orders for lingerie in sizes 18 and 20.
How often are women in bikinis or lingerie found with their limbs spread, or in a come-hither pose?
She pulled her clothes on over her lingerie and she grabbed her sneakers and slipped them on.
The new-look store also has 12 changing rooms, including four dedicated to lingerie .