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lineup / расположение, строй, расстановка сил
имя существительное
disposition, arrangement, position, layout, propensity, favor
order, formation, regime, array, tune, line-up
расстановка сил
alignment of forces, line-up
имя существительное
a group of people or things brought together in a particular context, especially the members of a sports team or a group of musicians or other entertainers.
a talented batting lineup
a line of people or things.
The officer should emphasize to the witness that the suspect may not be in the lineup .
Ironically, she was doing jury duty when the call came asking her to come for a lineup .
A television station hawked its new fall lineup on stickers affixed to bananas in grocery stores.
a talented batting lineup
NBC's Thursday lineup of hit comedies
Long has the Nielsen ratings box wickedly dominated television's every season lineup .
Under last week's new deal, subscribers will be able to create their own programming lineups , record favorite shows and skip commercials.
Cable and dish operators have always sought to add adult PPV programming to their lineups .
One area that's not so much a surprise, but one we strongly support is to see the networks strengthening their lineups with original programming.
Both have CD quality sound, decent coverage, and similar station lineups .