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liner / лайнер, вкладыш, подкладка
имя существительное
liner, insert, bushing, bush, box, pillow
lining, liner, pad, backing, pillow, wadding
имя существительное
a large luxurious passenger ship of a type formerly used on a regular line.
Although it was an ocean liner , the ship also had a cargo of ammunition.
a fine paintbrush used for painting thin lines and for outlining.
a lining in an appliance, device, or container, especially a removable one, in particular.
They have poppers or Velcro so you don't have to worry about pins, and they have removable paper liners that mean you can quickly and discreetly get rid of unpleasant lumps.
denoting a text of a specified number, usually a small number, of lines, such as an advertisement or a spoken passage in a play, dialogue, etc..
Some of the make-up artists gave me sympathetic looks but continued to apply black eye liner and mascara.
Larissa smiled and lightly applied the liner to her lower lids.
If the pond is located in sandy or gravelly soils or near fractured bedrock, seal the pond with an approved plastic liner or at least 6 inches of compact clay.
The pilot, who wore only the outer dry suit and not the required long underwear and liner , died of hypothermia.
Summer means ditching eyeshadow, mascara and liner .
Don't use too much eye makeup, liner , mascara or sparkly shadow.
If you're not absolutely sure about your own face shape, try using this quick and simple method, take an old lip liner or eye pencil and sit in front of a mirror.
First, find a lip liner pencil in the same color or tone as your lipstick.
Worse yet, the truck had a polyurethane bed liner .
My mom's make-up looked half done, and she had a lip liner in hand.