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linen / белье, полотно, холст
имя существительное
linen, washing, wash
canvas, cloth, blade, linen, bed, Holland
canvas, linen, scrim, cloth, sackcloth, crash
имя прилагательное
linen, flaxen, flax, flaxy
имя существительное
cloth woven from flax.
This is an exhibition of Batik work on a variety of materials including cottons, silks, linens , paper and canvas.
Cindy was obediently taking her place retrieving the towels from the linen closet.
She had put on her linen swimming costume under her clothes in case she had to swim to the island.
Then he took the perfumed linen sheet, wrapped it round him as a mantle, and turned away, to the wanness of the chill dawn.
The general practice is to place a linen napkin on the bar counter with some of the most used utensils on it.
The Bible tells that Christ's body was taken down from the cross, wrapped in a linen shroud and placed in his tomb.
Due to a severe shortage of bed linen , we sewed them together and made sheets.
He then stripped the bed of its linen and fetched new sheets and pillow cases from the closet.
The game consisted of two large pieces of plywood, covered with while linen sheets.
In the summer one sits outside under the shade of enormous trees, at tables covered in beautiful linen .
The grain is secure in its barns, the linen folded away in its cupboards.