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lineage / происхождение, родословная, построчная оплата
имя существительное
origin, descent, birth, genesis, background, lineage
pedigree, genealogy, ancestry, lineage, bloodline, line
построчная оплата
linage, lineage
имя существительное
lineal descent from an ancestor; ancestry or pedigree.
He can also claim lineage to Thyagaraja's direct disciples through various ancestors.
a sequence of species each of which is considered to have evolved from its predecessor.
the chimpanzee and gorilla lineages
Dad felt that my aristocratic heritage and working-class lineage would make me an ideal political candidate.
a Dutch nobleman of ancient lineage
In only one case, that of the grant of the estate of John Brewes to Thomas Brewes on account of the idiocy of the former, can blood lineage have said to have played a significant part in determining the fate of a grant.
It is no big secret that Liam and Noel Gallagher's lineage is 100% Irish with both of their parents hailing from the Emerald Isle.
There's huge pride in the dog's lineage , its pedigree - as if breeders were talking about their own family trees, as if they're descended from aristocracy.
Jesus is a Hebrew descended from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, a man of royal lineage descended from the renowned King David.
‘The problem is you end up having an army and police connected by lineage , blood and appearance,’ the document says.
The loyalty that this relationship entails, and to which husband and wife were obliged, is of greater importance than blood ties and patriarchal lineage .
A funeral shroud depicting a network of ancestor figures would join the dead with their family lineage , amongst whom they would continue to oversee and often intervene in the affairs of the living.
the myeloid lineage