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line / линия, строка, направление
имя существительное
line, range, side, branch, crease, gabionade
line, string
direction, directing, route, trend, line, course
имя прилагательное
linear, line, lineal, unshaded
проводить линию
draw the line, line, draw
fill, stuff, line, tamp, pack, print
наносить линии
имя существительное
a long, narrow mark or band.
a row of closely spaced dots will look like a continuous line
a length of cord, rope, wire, or other material serving a particular purpose.
wring the clothes and hang them on the line
a horizontal row of written or printed words.
When a young man refused to buy a ticket, the conductor pointed out a couple of lines written in bold letters on the front of the bus.
a row of people or things.
a line of acolytes proceeded down the aisle
an area or branch of activity.
the stresses unique to their line of work
stand or be positioned at intervals along.
a processional route lined by people waving flags
mark or cover with lines.
a thin woman with a lined face
hit a line drive.
cover the inside surface of (a container or garment) with a layer of different material.
a basket lined with polyethylene
Obviously, in my line of work, I spend more time watching other teams playing than I do watching my own.
We reported on Tuesday that we were unable to contact the Scottish club, after repeatedly trying to call the club on a direct line .
He has blurred the thin line that separates an actor from a director/writer.
Luckily for her, she had a line ready when guys hit on her.
a line of altar boys proceeded down the aisle
line art
the line of his face
the official line is that there were no chemical attacks on allied troops
She realises she is going into a competitive line of work.
I've got Inspector Jackson on the line for you