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limpid / прозрачный, ясный
имя прилагательное
transparent, clear, limpid, crystalline, crystal, pellucid
clear, bright, lucid, plain, fine, limpid
имя прилагательное
(of a liquid) free of anything that darkens; completely clear.
Imagine interrupting a long, hot hike to cool off in the limpid water of a deserted Greek cove, lingering in a tiny, frescoed monastery - or climbing a mountain track where wild cyclamen brighten the verges.
As in the Debussy, the layering of texture brought chiarascuro to the music, the melody highlighted through the limpid falling thirds of the first and the pulsating chords of the second, with its emotive central interlude.
In brief and limpid episodes French director Alain Cavalier bares the masochism, eroticism, and purity at the heart of Therese's self-enclosed crusade.
They would converge on the place each summer, moor their yachts in the limpid waters off Capriccioli or Cala di Volpe, and take it in turns to host parties on board or on beach.
Below nestled a shingle cove of limpid water and fearless little fish, qualities that tend to bring the boy out of the man.
With the recent fish kill in Jagaranahalli Lake last Wednesday, the spotlight is once again on the state of the city's once limpid lakes.
Despite his plain clothing he was very striking with short neatly-combed back auburn hair, an oval face, a baby-faced countenance, a medium, but short build and piercing, limpid bluish-green eyes.
Gouffé wrote in a limpid style, comprehensible by all and exhibiting a standard of literary craftsmanship which equalled the author's skill in the kitchen.
Her eyes were large and limpid , but definitely not innocent.
Hugh's ears are pointed and his eyes are like these limpid pools I keep hearing so much about.
The anchor dropped through 20 ft of limpid water and we slipped over the side to swim and snorkel before lunch.