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limousine / лимузин
имя существительное
limousine, limo
имя существительное
a large, luxurious automobile, especially one driven by a chauffeur who is separated from the passengers by a partition.
The noise grows louder and she is blinded by the headlights of a black limousine , which is hurtling towards her.
Mr Miranda was cleaning his limousine at the car wash when a red pickup pulled in and parked in a wash bay.
Most of the luggage was already packed into a rented limousine that would take them to the Los Angeles International Airport, several miles away.
The best part is the economics of not having to pay for a $25-50.00 airport limousine between the airport and hotel at each end of my trip.
Transportation from Lester B. Pearson International Airport is available by taxicab, airport limousine and airport express bus.
The lucky winner and a friend will spend a night at the five star St David's Hotel and Spa and will be chauffeur driven in a limousine during their stay.
Heads turned as a black limousine pulled up on the edge of the footpath.
When we finally left in despair, the casino paid for a limousine to the airport.
Out in the circle of the driveway was a long, black car - a limousine - with a tall man opening the door for us.
Guest services include portable telefax units, guest history program, and airport limousine and representative.
The chauffeur of the black limousine got down from the vehicle and went to open the back passenger seat.