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limitless / безграничный, беспредельный
имя прилагательное
boundless, limitless, unlimited, infinite, unbounded, borderless
boundless, unlimited, infinite, limitless, spaceless, unbounded
имя прилагательное
without end, limit, or boundary.
our resources are not limitless
This large contribution is in itself a testimony to the limitless generosity of our people.
Friends whose caring and helpfulness seem limitless now that I'm suffering from cancer.
If you must seclude yourself, we beg you to spend the time alone honing your eye for the universe's limitless possibilities.
Staten was later to find out that within the limits of daily withdrawals it offered the possibility of near limitless funds.
The possibilities were limitless with theatre, but it required hard work, discipline.
Recently, however, his almost limitless powers have come under attack.
It is through the human body that one can explore one's limitless spiritual possibilities.
There was a time when the future seemed to be full of limitless possibilities.
Even his apparently limitless supply of inner motivation must hit a boredom threshold at some point in the distant future.
For those who like to have all the details planned out in advance, log on for limitless bargains.