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limitation / ограничение, ограниченность, оговорка
имя существительное
limitation, restriction, restraint, bound, stint, confinement
limitation, narrowness, finiteness, illiberality, exclusiveness, narrow-mindedness
reservation, clause, proviso, qualification, slip of the tongue, limitation
имя существительное
a limiting rule or circumstance; a restriction.
severe limitations on water use
a legally specified period beyond which an action may be defeated or a property right is not to continue.
This is by way of exception, for unless the court does make a direction the primary limitation period will continue to apply.
Once again women and the feminine will be targets for onslaughts of limitation and repression.
After achieving stable non-REM sleep, the CPAP was adjusted to the minimal level required to prevent flow limitation .
But this limitation should at least prevent us from resorting to force and multiplying the number of victims.
The level of AS1 transcripts increased strongly under sugar limitation and was repressed in the presence of sugar or when roots were re-fed with sucrose.
Anthills of the Savannah thereby thematizes it own immanent limitation as representation of reality and capsule of ideas.
First, the gender composition of the sample represents one limitation , in that relatively more women than men elected to respond to the survey.
One of the main problems that stemmed from this limitation was of representation of other faith traditions.
the limitation of local authorities' powers
the limitation of local authorities' powers
When we are in-phase with unconscious negative beliefs we create a reality based on limitation that prevents us from achieving our full potential in life.