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limerick / лимерик, шуточное стихотворение
имя существительное
шуточное стихотворение
имя существительное
a humorous, frequently bawdy, verse of three long and two short lines rhyming aabba , popularized by Edward Lear.
Verbal abuse and insulting ditties, ballads, limericks , and other doggerel had long been directed at the monarch, his ministers, close family, and mistresses as well as at the elites of the kingdom by their social inferiors.
имя существительное
a county in the Republic of Ireland, in the western part of the province of Munster.
The older children have the opportunity to show off their creative skills by composing a limerick based on the Millrace Hotel, who are the sponsors of this competition.
Since I don't know any good shanties or sea songs, I hope a limerick will do.
Please compose a poem, limerick or any other rhyming prose of your choice. It must be at least 3 verses long and start with the words.
A sonnet can be about love and beauty and a limerick about flatulence and sex, but not the other way around.
Perceiving the underlying metre of the limerick is not just a simple linear experience.
That song title is just crying out loud for a limerick to be made.
I curled up with Nash's couplets, quatrains, limericks and occasional jeremiads.
I used to write limericks , so I just started writing tunes to go with them.
Born in Brooklyn, like so many wry Americans, Davis has written a sizeable collection of limericks and poems about the current state of the union.
She wants them to help create a book of poems, limericks or stories written about the pub which sits next to the East Lancashire Road.